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We are a Neuro-affirming Center-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) service provider.
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We provide comprehensive and individualized support for neurodiverse learners.

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The ABA Project provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) based services for neurodiverse individuals with Autism, ADHD, ADD, Learning Deficits and other Social-Developmental Deficits. Through high quality, research-based, and intensive ABA based behavior intervention, we aim to make positive and meaningful changes in the lives of neurodiverse individuals and families in Malaysia.

Programs we offer

We offer a range of comprehensive programs designed to meet the unique needs of our neurodiverse learners.

Behavior Management

Functional Communication Skills Training (FCT)

Social-Communication Skills Training

School Readiness Skills Training

Play Skills

Self-help Skills

Pro Bono Autism Screening Test

Discover potential signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and unlock a brighter future for your child with our comprehensive Autism Screening Test. Led by our in-house BCBAs, we provide a supportive and caring environment to assess social communication skills, language development, and behaviors. Early intervention is crucial for improved outcomes and a higher quality of life. Take action today and embark on a transformative journey of acceptance and growth. Schedule your pro bono screening now on our website.

We chose The ABA Project for our son because of their level of knowledge and professionalism. Our four year old son (diagnosed with moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder) attended the intensive 30 hour per week ABA program from Aug 2022 to April 2023. He was three years old at the time and had been in ABA before but nothing as exceptional as what was provided by Carmen and her team. We were confident they could help him reach his full potential, which he did!

Every day we saw him grow, picking up new skills quickly such as answering questions and asking for his favorite items. He loved going into their center each day and he built excellent relationships with his therapists. Carmen was easily reachable for absolutely everything and it was clear that she cared most about the children (first and foremost) Thank you for everything."

This parent was invited to share her experience with intensive ABA intervention at The ABA Project, highlighting the significance of early intervention. This family no longer receives any services from The ABA Project. The names have been withheld to ensure confidentiality.

Meet our team

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Teresa Ling

Co-Founder, Behavior Consultant

Carmen Kong

Co-Founder, Behavior Consultant

Sujeetra Sundreasan



Behavior Therapist


Behavior Therapist


Behavior Therapist

Li Si Wei

Behavior Therapist


Behavior Therapist

Founder / Behaviour Consultant
Junior Behaviour Therapist, Case Manager
What do we do?

We help neurodivergent learners achieve independence and their fullest potential while maintaining their unique neurodivergent identity.

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